Musclebutter is...

...a state of equilibrium between strength-stability and fluidity-flexibility. Today’s technology helps us access troves of new information, but our potential to connect with our body’s grace and innate awareness is waning.

At Muscle Butter, we assist in reclaiming areas of the body lost to postural habits, pain, tension, and trauma through massage and movement re-education. Our studio is a large, bright space dedicated to one individual at a time. Services include manual therapy sessions, self care classes, and core integration training sessions.

Evidence based massage

We offer the most current, fact based techniques available in the field of massage therapy. We also strive to give our clients the best experience every single session.

Did you Know?

Quantitative research has shown that a series of massage therapy treatments consistently produces sizable reduction in depression in adult recipients. A single massage therapy session can significantly reduce state anxiety in both adults and children. Multiple MT sessions significantly reduce trait anxiety in adults. Given that anxiety and depression exacerbate many other specific health problems, massage therapy is a fantastic way to manage health and well being.

Pain Management

Wondering why you can’t seem to land that dream marathon time? Why you’re not sleeping well? Why suddenly you’ve woken up with a searing foot pain? Why that effuse low back pain comes back every time you unload the dishwasher? Or why you’re so exhausted after working at the computer for such a short amount of time?

Ultimately these are examples of why people travel the rabbit hole of therapies. Pain or discomfort can inspire a fickle attitude, and can easily take one off course from a plan in search for the next quick fix. Alex prefers to collaborate and talk to coaches, doctors, or therapist’s you’re already working with to keep you on track and to get a full scope of why you think manual therapy or core integration training could work for you.


Alex is a member of the Fascia Research Congress and the Academy of Integrative Pain Management. She is certified through the California Massage Therapy Council, a Stott Pilates mat and reformer instructor, and a CHEK exercise coach.

Have a question?

Contacting me by email is the best way to start a conversation. From there, we schedule a call if necessary. I look forward to hearing from you!


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